RT @somerspark1jr: Super proud of my class today! So many children brought in money and told me how much they wanted to help Oscar. Some br…

RT @G_M_P_SClass3CS: Now we are cooking a piece of the mammoth we caught! https://t.co/gbRf9Yyb0C

RT @G_M_P_Sclass4LP: As part of our poetry festival we have been looking at a poem about raising money for charity (or attempting to) and h…

RT @G_M_P_SClass2BD: A huge thank you to @G_M_P_SClass5RH for hosting the poetry slam this morning! 2GB were so proud of one of our class m…

RT @G_M_P_S: A big thank you for your support today. Our non-uniform day has raised a massive £450 so far. #HandinhandforOscar

RT @GreenDines: Our Pupil Parliament meeting with MP Robin Walker today #robinwalker #pupilparliament https://t.co/GSHKy4V8CC

RT @somerspark1: I am delighted to let you know you that last week, our non uniform day raised a combined SP and MV total of £977.28 for th…

RT @G_M_P_SClassRRD: We watched the CBeebies film “Poppies” and sat silently, and have made our beautiful poppies for remembrance. #Armisti

RT @somerspark1jr: Painting Brazilian animals in bright bold colours in the style of Brazilian artist Romero Britto! https://t.co/hjMaBur2hX

RT @SomersParkPS: Autumn leaves are all around.Leaves- how much fun can you really have with them?LOTS is the answer!!So much so that these…

RT @SomersPark3R: We followed the embalming steps to mummify tomatoes with Mrs Maidens. I wonder how long they'll keep for now? https://t.c…

RT @G_M_P_SClass6CS: What a brilliant day. Our @G_M_P_S children are amazing trainee journalists @GetNewsWise A massive thank you to all in…

RT @MalvernValeOak: 🎄CHRISTMAS LANTERN WORKSHOP🏮🏮🎄 Wow! Thanks to all the parents that came to help with our lantern making. They look amaz…

RT @G_M_P_SClass3CS: Stonehenge or biscuithenge? It was a lot of fun but trickier than we thought! https://t.co/06TO6EEqwW

RT @GMPS_Class5PB: Challenge 2 - round 2. Making the robot turn! @G_M_P_SClass5RH @STEMworksUK https://t.co/nngX4Yvq5s

RT @G_M_P_SClass6CS: Evie (our volunteer reader) brought us in different types of pumpkin she has grown. We estimated weight and talked abo…

RT @G_M_P_SClassRRD: We love our phonics so much that we have our own area to teach each other in the classroom. ReadWriteInc🐸 @RuthMiskinE

RT @G_M_P_SClass5RH: Reading campfire stories by candlelight. https://t.co/6sMQ1UHrTC

RT @SomersParkPS: Just a few of the amazing Project plastic pieces that have been sent in this week by Pre-school. We are going to each hav…


Welcome to Mercian Educational Trust


To educate highly achieving, independent, free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.


to develop and enhance open and honest collaboration amongst schools that provides:

•A high quality, purposeful education for children
•Opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone
•Strong dynamic and sustainable school leadership
•A community of excellent, professional staff who, through collaboration, learn, improve  and develop.



An absolute commitment to:

• Inclusive education to enable success for all
• A ‘purposeful’ education that includes:
• A commitment to a curriculum which promotes high quality; achievement for all and excellent outcomes for students
• A commitment to develop skills that enable pupils to be creative reflective and open minded
• The belief that partnership and collaboration with others – who share our values – strengthens all
• The importance of collective responsibility for the success and well-being of all pupils in our community


‘Outstanding’ & ‘Good’ Schools OFSTED.

One of the Top Ten schools in the country. HMI

Best Global Educational Practice World Bank Award

Directors Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 30th Nov 2016 6.30 - 9.30

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Directors Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 1st Feb 2017 6.30 - 9.30

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Members Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 9th Mar 2017 7 - 9

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