RT @GreenDines: Wow what an amazing fire breathing dragon and wonderful story by Year 1. 🐉🏰🛡️ https://t.co/rakk6Ec0xR

RT @MalvernValeOak: ⭐️AMAZING LOT!⭐️ These children have been superstars yet again this week. Busy learning, creating and playing! #Malvern

RT @GMPS_Class5PB: Home learning pack for Y5/6 home learners is available at https://t.co/guXPQTcRI7 The coding challenge this week is STAR…

RT @NorthleighCofE: Budding Northleigh mathematicians...can you post your answer to this challenge? https://t.co/yySRLH0lIk

RT @G_M_P_SClas1AB: Here’s some lovely practical ideas to help with sharing equally. 🐛 🐻 The book ‘The Doorbell Rang’ ⬇️ is nice 📖 to show…

RT @MalvernValeOak: 👷🏻‍♀️👩🏾‍🎓PEOPLE WHO HELP US🧑🏻‍🍳👨🏾‍🚀Oak Bubble 2 made this comprehensive list of PWHU for our topic. I’m sure you’ll agr…

RT @SomersPark6ME: Another year 6 bubble using water colours to draw and describe members of Harriet Culpepper's crew-Felicity, Welby or ev…

RT @G_M_P_SClass6CS: We’ve been out and about gathering and identifying plant samples, looking at characteristics and classifying them toda…

RT @SomersPark5SS: Designing our own Maya houses using traditional materials and building techniques with a twist! https://t.co/5doZQ4Z3U3

RT @SomersPark5ZM: Year 2 and 3 had a busy morning which included using the 4x table to help them learn the 8x table and a relaxing afterno…

RT @MalvernValeElm: 🌱We were so excited to discovered our bean plants had sprouted overnight!🌱 https://t.co/oVHXdy9v7P

RT @NorthleighCofE: How will you set up sports day at home this week? https://t.co/jVCdBgLlSk

RT @MET_STSS: Good news to end the week that @G_M_P_S have been awarded £500 from @tesco to develop reading at the school 👏

RT @GMPS_Class5PB: Today we are trying to find the rhythm in Rachel Rooney’s poem Keepy-Uppy Kid using our tennis balls.@G_M_P_SClass6CS @G

RT @G_M_P_SClass6NC: Started our Virtual Pentatholon today as it was raining for our PE lesson. Great effort from all involved @G_M_P_SClas

RT @MalvernValeOak: 🚀🪐OAK BUBBLE 2s SOLAR SYSTEM WALL🪐🚀 Look at this amazing display in the classroom! #MalvernVale https://t.co/7X9uwbvvLS

@G_M_P_SClassRRD Absolutely love the bubble names!

RT @G_M_P_SClassRRD: Today Glitter Bubble, Golden Bubble and Boogie Bubble came to the hall for socially distanced snack time, we were so e…


Welcome to Mercian Educational Trust


To educate highly achieving, independent, free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.


to develop and enhance open and honest collaboration amongst schools that provides:

•A high quality, purposeful education for children
•Opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone
•Strong dynamic and sustainable school leadership
•A community of excellent, professional staff who, through collaboration, learn, improve  and develop.



An absolute commitment to:

• Inclusive education to enable success for all
• A ‘purposeful’ education that includes:
• A commitment to a curriculum which promotes high quality; achievement for all and excellent outcomes for students
• A commitment to develop skills that enable pupils to be creative reflective and open minded
• The belief that partnership and collaboration with others – who share our values – strengthens all
• The importance of collective responsibility for the success and well-being of all pupils in our community


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