RT @MVPSOak: 👫👭OUR FIRST PE SESSION👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽👫Everyone looked so smart during our first PE on Friday! #MalvernVale #castlecolours #goodrich #e

RT @SomersPark5ZM: Merci, Madame Haughey, we loved our first French lesson with you! https://t.co/hdy1dG5nYl

RT @GMPS_Class6PB: We had a great time developing our rugby skills in the Autumn sunshine today. @G_M_P_S @METacademies https://t.co/ky5MRU…

RT @SomersPark2LB: Playing Simon says to practise our verbs and adverbs! Excellent ideas team! https://t.co/KiWKScOVQQ

RT @NorthleighCofE: The first two Super Stars to go on Mrs Green's Wall of Fame are from Year 6. Well done boys fantastic thinking and wel…

RT @G_M_P_SClass1GE: Look at this! ✏️ We have been practising our cursive handwriting and did such a good job! We need to remember to start…

RT @NorthleighCofE: Reception class enjoy discovering the Forest school. We brought seeds for the birds and the children scattered them aro…

RT @G_M_P_SRRDRCH: We’ve so enjoyed meeting all the children and we can’t wait to get busy with all the activities we have ready for next w…

RT @GMPS_Class6PB: In 6PB we painted tree cookies to reflect the colours in the sky using acrylic paints. Our inspiration was the wonderful…

@GMPS_Class6PB Looking forward to the finished product!

RT @GMPS_Class6PB: This morning 6PB are busy researching facts which will help them to write a documentary. https://t.co/UFVqhKlSZv

RT @NatterjacksClub: It was great to see our new homework area being used on Friday! https://t.co/lpPBbsUSb1

RT @GreenDines: How are you feeling this morning? Amazing art from one of our wonderful Kingfishers! https://t.co/ZvIZMF17Ul

RT @NorthleighCofE: This morning, we were delighted to welcome Cllr John Raine into school to see our new Natterjacks Breakfast Club and ta…

RT @SomersPark2LB: We have had a fantastic start to the year so far with lots of hard work! Today we are using adjectives to describe a gi…

RT @SomersPark1ER: We have had a great day in 1ER. We have been talking about our summer holidays and writing our learner promises. We then…

RT @SomersPark6AC: We moved on to powerful verbs & adverbs today to build on our adjectives from yesterday as we described the gory scene o…

RT @MalvernValeElm: 🌳Elm Class have been looking for signs of Autumn on our adopted class tree today. Can they tell what type of tree it i…

RT @NorthleighCofE: I've just read this 6GH poem aloud to Mrs Green and Mrs Chapman, they were blown away. #writing #NorthleighEnglish http…


Welcome to Mercian Educational Trust


To educate highly achieving, independent, free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.


to develop and enhance open and honest collaboration amongst schools that provides:

•A high quality, purposeful education for children
•Opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone
•Strong dynamic and sustainable school leadership
•A community of excellent, professional staff who, through collaboration, learn, improve  and develop.



An absolute commitment to:

• Inclusive education to enable success for all
• A ‘purposeful’ education that includes:
• A commitment to a curriculum which promotes high quality; achievement for all and excellent outcomes for students
• A commitment to develop skills that enable pupils to be creative reflective and open minded
• The belief that partnership and collaboration with others – who share our values – strengthens all
• The importance of collective responsibility for the success and well-being of all pupils in our community


‘Outstanding’ & ‘Good’ Schools OFSTED.

One of the Top Ten schools in the country. HMI

Best Global Educational Practice World Bank Award

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