RT @G_M_P_SClass5RH: Let the competition begin! Our budding engineers are taking the first steps in the design process to create an autonom…

RT @G_M_P_Sclass4LP: We have been trying to understand how animals in the Rainforest might feel about deforestation @clpe1 https://t.co/ztU…

RT @G_M_P_SClassRRD: Today we are superhero writers! 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️ We’ve been writing about the superpower we would like to have. Some of our…

RT @SomersPark2LB: We have done a fab job of practising our balances on 'points' and 'patches' today 😃⭐️👍🏻 https://t.co/EMwRpVvzhG

RT @SomersParkFOSP: @somerspark1 This 1/2 term, fundraising activities include 2 film nights and a cake sale. Please get in touch if you ca…

RT @SomersparkRAW: 🦕DINOSAUR WEEK TWO🦕 We are continuing to learn all about dinosaurs this week! Here are the Rainbow Challenges🌈 #RainbowC

RT @MalvernValeElm: 👑Elm Class headed over to Somers Park School today to attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I. What a royal occasio…

RT @SomersPark5ZM: Fantastic persuasive arguments in our trial of Mr Tumnus. Is he guilty or not guilty? https://t.co/kAnFsBgg7Z

RT @G_M_P_S: Mrs Selby’s favourite time of the day is when children come to show her their amazing work. @G_M_P_SClass1BG #proud #heroheadq

RT @G_M_P_SNursery: Today we have been mark-making using shaving foam. We have loved squeezing the foam between our fingers and drawing dif…

RT @G_M_P_SClassAPA: “Beware Beware” has gripped the children this week! We have been fascinated with how things might appear to be scary,…

RT @G_M_P_SClass2RM: The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben under repair https://t.co/jgW7a9ysWE

RT @G_M_P_SClass6NC: This afternoon we have been investigating how mountains are formed. Ask us about the name of the different types of mo…

RT @MalvernValeElm: Investigating lengths this morning with non standard units. https://t.co/TKUi8UBOI4

RT @SomersPark6ME: We created one of the twelve gifts from ‘Podkin One-Ear’ today after reading about Starclaw. We are looking forward to w…

RT @SomersPark3R: In maths this week we asked each other questions to collect data as a tally. Then used that information to draw pictogram…

RT @SomersPark4CD: Ending an excellent first week with experimenting with different Discussion Protocols. As a class, 4CD decided that a co…

RT @SomersPark5SS: Today, in the trial of Mr Tumnus of Narnia, a verdict was reached by the jury... but was he found guilty or not guilty?…

RT @SomersPark5ZM: We’ve been using our oracy skills effectively in Science, to discuss how we could utilise our understanding of friction…

Vacancy within our Estates team. We are looking for someone to help maintain our MET school buildings. Find out mor… https://t.co/7yhXcSGJlg


Welcome to Mercian Educational Trust


To educate highly achieving, independent, free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.


to develop and enhance open and honest collaboration amongst schools that provides:

•A high quality, purposeful education for children
•Opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone
•Strong dynamic and sustainable school leadership
•A community of excellent, professional staff who, through collaboration, learn, improve  and develop.



An absolute commitment to:

• Inclusive education to enable success for all
• A ‘purposeful’ education that includes:
• A commitment to a curriculum which promotes high quality; achievement for all and excellent outcomes for students
• A commitment to develop skills that enable pupils to be creative reflective and open minded
• The belief that partnership and collaboration with others – who share our values – strengthens all
• The importance of collective responsibility for the success and well-being of all pupils in our community


‘Outstanding’ & ‘Good’ Schools OFSTED.

One of the Top Ten schools in the country. HMI

Best Global Educational Practice World Bank Award

Directors Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 30th Nov 2016 6.30 - 9.30

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Directors Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 1st Feb 2017 6.30 - 9.30

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Members Meeting (MET Offices, Malvern Hills Science Park) - 9th Mar 2017 7 - 9

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