MET Members

The Members Board meet six monthly in February and September.

Members review all submissions made in respect of our schools; including leadership, learning and teaching and financial management.

Acting as a ‘critical friend’, they provide consultation and have the right to warn and request further consideration. Members have the power to ratify or reject the appointment of the CEO and Headteachers. They are also able to challenge decisions made, returning issues to the Board of Trustees for re-consideration if they see fit. They do not have the power to make decisions.


Board of Trustees

The Trustees Board meet every term.

The Trustee Board provide strategic direction and challenge, making all decisions on behalf of Mercian Educational Trust. The Trustees delegate aspects of their duties to Delegated Governing Committees (DGC) at each individual school.  Trustees annually ratify DGC composition and chairperson. The Trustees Board are accountable to the Members.


Delegated Governing Committee

Each individual school has a Delegated Governing Committee (DGC). They meet every term.

The DGC provide support and challenge to school leaders and assurance to the Trustees Board. They ensure that educational standards are continually improving  and compliance to statutory pratcice. DGC are accountable to Trustees .


Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership are the employed professionals who enact educational, financial and operational procedures or Mercian Educational Trust and the individual schools. They provide advice and proposals to MET governance groups to ensure high quality decisions are made.